Matron Fine Beer

2023 Holiday Advent Calendar


24 cans in a case, 24 days in our December countdown… sometimes the stars align for a delicious month.

What you can expect is a mix of Matron brews snuggled in with a collection of other tasty treats made by Ontario breweries.

Each beer will come hand wrapped and numbered for minimum decision-making and maximum enjoyment. 


If you live in PEC/ Belleville/ Kingston/ downtown Toronto/ downtown Ottawa: you have the option of free home delivery by us. Please choose shipping options 4, 5, or 6 at check out. 

  • PEC/Belleville/Kingston: Wed., November 29
  • Toronto: Thursday, November 30
  • Ottawa: Friday, Dec 1  

    If you live anywhere else in Ontario, please choose shipping option 7!

    • Courier: shipping out November 23rd & 24th

    The cities we offer free home delivery to are such because we are headed there to deliver to the restaurants we work with. We are a small team and it is not possible for us to extend free home delivery to areas outside of these places - there aren’t enough hours in the day!

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