Mindfully made

Our beers love food

We love and brew lower ABV (%) beers that compliment what you are doing, without taking over. Our love of beer was nurtured over many, many dinner parties. Trust us when we say we’ve thought about this a lot.

We are re-energizing classics in our own Matron-y way.

Let’s get festive

24 ways to cheers!

2023 Holiday Advent Calendar

2023 Holiday Advent Calendar


24 cans in a case, 24 days in our December countdown… sometimes the stars align for a delicious month.

What you can expect is a mix of Matron brews snuggled in with a collection of other tasty treats made by Ontario breweries.

Each beer will come hand wrapped and numbered for minimum decision-making and maximum enjoyment. 


If you live in PEC/ Belleville/ Kingston/ downtown Toronto/ downtown Ottawa: you have the option of free home delivery by us. Please choose shipping options 4, 5, or 6 at check out. 

  • PEC/Belleville/Kingston: Wed., November 29
  • Toronto: Thursday, November 30
  • Ottawa: Friday, Dec 1  

    If you live anywhere else in Ontario, please choose shipping option 7!

    • Courier: shipping out November 23rd & 24th

    The cities we offer free home delivery to are such because we are headed there to deliver to the restaurants we work with. We are a small team and it is not possible for us to extend free home delivery to areas outside of these places - there aren’t enough hours in the day!


    We love to dinner party

    Looking to host a group? We do that!

    Let’s chat about what you’re thinking.


    Throw caution to the wind

    Let us do the choosing for you

    The Party Pack

    Matron Fine Beer

    The Party Pack


    Throw caution to the wind, save your own mental energy and let us do the choosing for you. One box, 24 tinnies.

      Winter Dinner Series


      Dinner Party Series

      Matron Fine Beer

      Dinner Party Series


      You are coordinally invited to dinner by way of HABIBI x MATRON. 

      To keep the spirit of deliciousness alive and well chef Neale and Haeleigh bring you HABIBI (arabic pet name "my love”), a project of their own creation. 

      3 family-style courses, pitchers of beer included, and supplementary beverages available. Dinner starts at 6:30. 



      Dec 16 - cozy dinner with friends before the chaos of the holidays

      Charcuterie, pickles, olives, warm dates with sea salt
      Red wine braised lamb shoulder
      Brussel sprouts with pickled mustard seed and parm
      Garlic + rosemary potatoes
      Plum upside down cake

      Jan 13 - ringing in the new year

      Potato pancakes, labneh, beets, gravlax, dill
      Yogurt marinated chicken
      Kale salad
      Sweet potato, hot honey, duukah
      Chocolate rye cake with cinnamon tahini

      Feb 17 - belated Valentines day vibes 

      Beef tartare with endives
      Salmon with ginger turmeric butter
      Brocollini with lemon and chili oil
      Roasted purple cabbage
      Chocolate truffles