We're friends, who also happen to be industry professionals, that teamed up to create something of our own. A true expression of ourselves and our values. A brewery, business and lifestyle that we stand behind. Co-founded by Mallory Jones @mal_jones, Jessica Nettleton @nettlemonster and Justin da Silva @justindasilva, Matron is a reflection of us, it has been shaped by our collective experiences.


We want to make a finite amount of delicious beer that is special to its community. We're not looking to be everywhere. This is not about racing to the top, or the bottom depending on how you look at it. It is about creating a business that will sustain a quality of life for those people pouring their hearts into it -- and creating a product you can count on. 


We chose the name Matron because it is both strong and feminine. At the root of what this word means, we read it as someone who takes care of others, someone who is hospitable be it by trade or by character. It is for the often under-appreciated roles that these people play in making things easier and more enjoyable. We as a company aim to look after our people, our product and our patrons.


We're located in beautiful Bloomfield, Prince Edward County. There are a million more convenient and entirely easier settings to have chosen to build our brewery, but this wasn't about constructing a production facility. Matron aims to be a space we and our team want to create in. We aspire for you to feel the same sense of relaxation and arrival that we get to enjoy everyday.