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In the spirit of continuing our exploration into the beauty of malt in lagerbiers, we’ve brewed up a bit of a scarcely seen style of lager that you’d be hard pressed to find nowadays in its place of origin, Vienna. We took our Matronly liberties and implored the use of local ingredients to make this imported style a truly local beer.

Our new Vienna Lagerbier, Dapper, is brewed with Barn Owl Vienna malt and boasts a generous helping of Munich for a neat and trim depth of flavour and richness. A sprinkling of chocolate malt enhances Dapper’s deep amber colour and lends a delightfully toasty finish. An established bitterness from locally grown Cluster hops counterpoint the malt. Six weeks of lagering are responsible for it’s clean, dry finish all the while granting this beer the ability to be both incredibly satisfying and super easy drinking. We’re not sure why this style has fallen into obscurity, but we’re keen to let you, the people, know of all the amazingness and myriad of options lagerbiers have to offer.

Legends never die!

Numbers: 4.7% / 355ml / 100% Ontario ingredients

Pairs well with: monochromatic loungewear, spicy chicken tendies, breakfast for dinner 

Tastes experience: toasty cereal notes, delicate malt sweetness balanced out by a pleasant bitterness that finishes clean and dry.

Ingredients: brewed with Barn Owl’s Vienna and Munich malts, Pleasant Valley Hops, and our house lager yeast from Escarpment Laboratories.

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