On Saturday, Dec 5 we’re gearing up to help you provision for the holidays! Fun wines, delicious beers, well executed ciders and some cool RTDs (ready-to-drink canned bevies).

We work extensively with The Living Vine to offer fun and interesting wine options from the brewery. Therianthropy Wine is all about Ontario grapes, it can be hard to track down and is très delicious which is why we’ve chosen to highlight their wonderful offerings.

Kat will be offering wine tastings and lots of wonderful information/education about how-to-chose what you're serving with your fun holiday meals. 


  • @therianthropy_wine pop-up with the one and only @knymz
  • we're dropping a new release that is near and dear to our hearts, Merrymaker, Farmbier!  
  • pairing and sharing tips for beer + wine
  • curated beer + wine kits for your festiving




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