Introducing Danky IPA

The world has seemingly become a place of extremes and polarization, the craft beer industry certainly reflects this. We see it in how brewers are always pushing the limits of styles -which we often see in huge trends. We’ve been those brewers and played around in this mindset in the past, but have come to appreciate nuance and balance in our 'old age'. With all the uncertainty and constant change as of late, we’ve be pining for simpler times.

Let’s just say our brewers have put in their 10,000 hours when it comes to making IPAs. While chatting in the brewery one evening, they agreed that they were both nostalgic for those IPAs of yesteryear (think 2010’s) and decided it was time to brew a nod to what first ignited their love of craft beer, the west coast IPA.

Hands down one of the biggest game changers to hit the industry, the west coast IPA’s massive influence is undeniable but its representation is fading. It's become an arms race to create an ultra hazy, lupulin- laden, sweet IPA, aka the North-Eastern alternative and while we can appreciate the latter, we miss the former. 

When creating Danky IPA, we set out to incorporate modern IPA theory with the classic stylings of the west coast. Danky introduces itself with a burst of aroma, we’re talking a bouquet of floral notes, fresh herbs and strawberry kush. Upon first sip this beautiful orange-hued ale greets you with a succulent citrus experience that evolves into a fruity, sweet kiss with gentle undertones of an earthy, piney dankness. This beer really is all about precise bitterness and heady aromatics. A sturdy malt backbone adds richness without being cloying ultimately ending on a dry note, its clean finish leaves you with a pleasant lingering hop flavour.

We worked with Pleasant Valley’s (Prince Edward County) Cascade hops, supported by Simcoe + Strata for a classic flavour with a modern spin. Brewed with Barn Owl’s Pale and Munich malt for depth and colour, we sprinkled in a light touch of oats and wheat for body but kept the haziness in check. No caramel malt was harmed in the making of this ale.

Legends never die!!


The Matron Crew <3

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