Matron + Belmont

Event! February 6: We're banning together with friends to fight off this pesky S.A.D. that has many of us feeling a little more blue than usual. Its basically the beginning of February, those warmer months are in sight but lets make the wait a little more fun, ok?

Join us in Ottawa as we take over the Belmont. The Belmont has a huge place in our hearts, they host and cozy you in like no other. 

They'll be offering up carribean flavours (think doubles, fritters and jerk - oh my!), and we'll be pouring all five of our beers. Four on draught plus some fun bottle of Forthright because why the heck not!

Can we buy take-away beers? Yes!

If you pre-order them online.

This is a great opportunity to save yourself a drive or shipping costs - we've set up a Free Ottawa Pick-Up at the Belmont for this night only. Order online for take-away tinnies.

Should we make a reservations? Always!

Don't be disappointed, and lock in a sure thing. Reservations are already filling up fast. Call the Belmont to secure your spot: 613.979.3663 or if your party is four or less try online.

Jes and Justin will be hanging out all evening and cannot wait to see you.

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