Matron Fine Beer

The 'Something Special' 6-Pack


Both are very limited releases harvest releases and once sold out will not be back until next year!

Forthright, Fresh Hop Farmbier is a true harvest beer. It can only be made once a year - the fresh hop cones must be used the same day they are harvested, aka literally picked from the vine and put in our kettle in less then an hour. 

Handsome, Zoiglbier is a malt leaning lager with a balanced hop note on the finish, this is a great seasonal transition beer. Brewed to highlight Barn Owl’s Munich malt, this lager is a little younger, maltier, darker and less hoppy than our mainstay lagerbier Yeasayer. Only around at the beginning of october, when this beer is gone, it’s gone. Deep, rich golden to pale copper in colour, with a beautiful off-white, persistent foam. Malt-forward, rich back bone without being sweet, a touch of zesty, spicy and floral hop character to balance, finishes crisp and dry. Naturally carbonated. 


3x Forthright, Fresh Hop Farmbier 5%

3x Handsome, Zoiglbier 4.3%

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