Matron Fine Beer

The 'Dependables' 12-Pack


The closest we get to "flagships" are our three dependables: Yeasayer Lagerbier, Janky IPA and Bobo Farmhouse. These are the pillars that we've built Matron upon, brewed year round and always with Ontario-grown and Canadian ingredients. 

Yeasayer Lagerbier, is the beer you reach for when you just want a beer. Our do-anything, go-anywhere offering and we find ourselves chugging it after a long day. It is a refreshing and straight forward lager with a light hop accent and balanced malt character. 60% Ontario ingredients, 40% Canadian ingredients. 


Janky IPA, to some Janky is an expression for extremely poor or unreliable quality but its also an aromatic, well balanced, medium bodied IPA with floral and citrus notes. Brewed in small batches which means fresh beer for you. 60% Ontario ingredients, 40% Canadian ingredients. 

Bobo Farmbier, is a little saison with a large helping of wheat! This ale is fruity and floral with a delicate minerality and a dry finish. 70% Ontario, 30% Canadian ingredients. 


4x Yeasayer Lagerbier 4.8%

4x Janky IPA 6%

4x Bobo Farmhouse 4.2%

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