Matron Fine Beer

355ml Vanguard IPA; Matron x Bellwoods


A soft, luscious and very pretty IPA brewed in collaboration with the iconic Bellwoods Brewery. For a collaboration to make sense to us, there needs to be an educational component; what are we learning? For this brew, we used a fascinating new yeast strain that Bellwoods has been experimenting with to create a super expressive, incredibly smooth IPA. We’re getting satiating notes of peach nectar, pineapple and guava. Soft bubbles tease your palette and its pleasurable mouthfeel will leave your senses feeling elated.

Numbers: 6% / 355ml / 80% Ontario ingredients

Pairs well with: new ideas, sweet ghost pepper hardbites, dried mango slices, and friends you haven't seen in too long  

Brewed in collaboration with Bellwoods Brewery (Toronto). 

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