Matron Fine Beer



This beer is festively made using cranberries and spruce tips, it is balanced and ultimately oh-so drinkable. Anticipate elegant spice notes on the nose followed by a juicy and pleasant tartness upon first sip that leaves you gracefully with undertones of spruce playing in the finish. We truly look forward to brewing and festively enjoying this beer every year.

Merrymaker is a beer that is near and dear to our hearts, it started back in 2012 as a holiday home-brew made for friends and has transitioned with us over the years to a larger scale so you can share with yours. We’ve adapted this recipe to reflect Matron’s ethos of locally sourced ingredients and a more modest ABV. 

This beer is a very limited release and will not be back again until next December!

Numbers: 6.9% / 355ml / 80% Ontario ingredients, 20% Canadian

Pairs well with: gaiety, festive enthusiasm, revelry but also cheeses, turkey dinner and most desserts.

Local Ingredients: We’ve dubbed Merrymaker a Farmbier, utilizing exclusively Barn Owl Malts, Pleasant Valley’s hops, and its fermented our house Saison strain from Escarpment yeast on cranberries and spruce tips.

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