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Deece is a slang word for something you like or appreciate. Want to know what we like and appreciate? Liquid sunshine and a couple of day beers. Deece has the aroma, mouthfeel and balanced bitterness of an IPA with a more mindful ABV.

Brewed with Barn Owl's Vienna malt and our very own custom malted oats for a flavourful base. We teamed up generous amounts of Pleasant Valley's Centennial and Chinook with Galaxy and Sabro hops for a perfect summer IPA, bursting with stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruit notes, while a mindful ABV keeps you decent all day long.

Numbers: 4% / 355ml / 70% Ontario ingredients

Pairs well with: family get togethers, meeting of the minds and day beers.

Local Ingredients: Featuring locally grown Pleasant Valley HopsBarn Owl Malt, Escarpment Yeast and our own estate water. We're committed to working with local farmers who are growing ingredients out of the ground and constantly at the whims of the weather.


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