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We packaged a special beer today, one that is near and dear to our hearts. This one has a bit of a back story so get cozy. Early in Justin's brewing career, one of the first creative projects bestowed upon him by the all-mighty-brewmaster at the time resulted in the union of earl grey tea bags and a cask of bitter some 10+ years ago at a brewpub in Ottawa. This first project inspired a mild ale he crafted (at a previous brewery), this second act showcased a heavier nod to specialty ingredients then is our taste now (i.e lactose and vanilla beans).

Inspired by these past creative endeavours, we'd like to introduce you to Memento Mildbier.

Memento pours a light amber orange hue with a subtle haze. Aromas are of sweet tea, restrained citrus and a hint of vanilla.

The flavour is brite and expressive, capturing floral and citrus character, a light and sweet vanilla note followed by a soft tannic tea character as the beer finishes slightly dry on the palette leaving one wanting more.

Legends never die!

Numbers: 3.5% / 355ml / 80% Ontario ingredients

Pairs well with: reflections, remembrance and digestive crackers.

Taste experience: biscuity with subtle caramel and chocolate vibes intertwined by floral-citrus notes, earthy herbaceousness and tea help pull everything together

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