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Forthright, Fresh Hop Farmbier is a true harvest beer. It can only be made once a year - the fresh hop cones must be used the same day they are harvested, aka literally picked from the vine and put in our kettle in less then an hour. We give this beer the time it deserves in tank, and the result is splendid! It’s showing off notes of balanced floral, melon, soft citrus and oh so delicate fruity spice - a kiss of minerality and a dash of barely there tartness bring it all together for a nice time.

This beer is all Ontario. We worked with 100% @pleasantvalleyhopsontario, 100% @barnowlmalt, @escarpmentlabs yeast and estate water for this project.

Numbers: 5% / 355ml / 100% Ontario ingredients

Pairs well with: uninhibited honesty and chips.

Local Ingredients: Featuring North American and locally grown Pleasant Valley HopsBarn Owl Malt, Escarpment Yeast and our own estate water. We're committed to working with local farmers who are growing ingredients out of the ground and constantly at the whims of the weather.

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