Matron Fine Beer



You know what you like, and it’s nice things on repeat. You appreciate long term planning, classic offerings and trying whats new. Sound about right? This box is for you. It’s also makes for a badass gift.

In short, you commit to a 2-6 month subscription - the longer you commit, the more you save.

You will receive 12 (or) 24 delicious beers whose value will always exceed what you paid.

The details:

  • you choose how long you want to commit for, 2-6 months
  • you get a selection of 12 (or) 24 Matron tinnies, of our choosing
  • Matron Black Boxes are distributed after the 15th of each month, to receive a Matron Black Box same month you must place your order before the 14th,
  • boxes qualify for free local pick up, free delivery by us to downtown Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Belleville and PEC and a $15 Ontario wide flat rate for everyone else

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